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There are so many good reasons for this.

Firstly, your own specific needs can be met with the benefit of being involved in the  decision making process and observe it's progress. Also, it can be a very economical choice to have a bass made - avoiding the cost of repairs to an older instrument - which can be a misleading economy! Really, you end up with a bass that suits exactly your needs and your budget.

I make and fit  'self-fingered' low C extensions with as many gates or latches as you require.  Please contact us for a quote.


I have made basses for professional orchestras all over the world.


Making basses is such an immense passion born from years of experience as a maker and a restorer. I have been fortunate to have worked on some of the finest basses from all the major schools of making and draw on these experiences when making new instruments. Using only hand-tools and centuries-old methods each bass is made to perform rigorously and provide their owners with a creative 'tool' that sings on command. The sound of the instrument and its playability is vital.

Generally I make from a set pattern of forms based on various historical instruments - but I am really making for a player's needs  and will make according to what is needed.

The process of instruments making starts with grounding oneself with traditional procedures and method - my main motive is to balance out the technical aspects with the art of the craft. Having said that I do, of course, look to improve aspects of bass-making being inspired by 'looking over my shoulder's' at the work of the masters . It also helps me to make a series of drawings before I pick up any tools.

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